You know, for a lot of kids, summer is the favorite part of the year.  I think we all know why…  SCHOOL’S OUT!  I am like all kids, happy that school is out because that means that I should have more time to blog.  That means more time to communicate with all my family and friends, that I can not usually see.  I have family in South Africa.  Only once can I remember seeing them, I hope they read this, because I really miss them.  However, Summer is not just about me sitting on my butt, blogging the whole summer, I also have to go spend time with my family, my mom, dad, and sister.  Oh, let’s not forget my pets: Tiger and Fudge bar my cats, and Charlie, my turtle.  Just so you know (those of you who haven’t been to my house) Fudge bar is the cat that is in my profile picture.

Thanks for reading!!!