How are your days in life?

Have you ever wondered what a person in your life is thinking about?

Today, I think of how lucky I am, even though I complain A LOT, and I mean A LOT.  I always ask for a:  Cell phone, facebook account,  and my own  computer ( I share with my sister for those of you who don’t know) I ask my parents for these things, because everyone around me has these things, my best friend has a computer that she shares with her brother, and mom, she has a cell phone, and a facebook account, and she is only 12 years old!

Have you ever seen my post “Childhood”?  I felt that all the time, and now, I realize how lucky I am to even have a computer, and my parents don’t  let me have a facebook because it has “bad content”  says my mom.  I agree, child predators, and not to mention fowl mouth. That I start to understand.  The cell phone I can’t get until I need one, which no offense but I am confused as to why I can’t have it until I need it.  I know that it would be a save of money and all, but I have a feeling that there is another reason that I can’t have a phone.

Back to the real topic.  How do you deal with your everyday problems in life?  how would you deal with mine?  I need help, and every idea will count to me.  Thank you for your help, I appreciate anything I can get.