You know, for a lot of kids, summer is the favorite part of the year.  I think we all know why…  SCHOOL’S OUT!  I am like all kids, happy that school is out because that means that I should have more time to blog.  That means more time to communicate with all my family and friends, that I can not usually see.  I have family in South Africa.  Only once can I remember seeing them, I hope they read this, because I really miss them.  However, Summer is not just about me sitting on my butt, blogging the whole summer, I also have to go spend time with my family, my mom, dad, and sister.  Oh, let’s not forget my pets: Tiger and Fudge bar my cats, and Charlie, my turtle.  Just so you know (those of you who haven’t been to my house) Fudge bar is the cat that is in my profile picture.

Thanks for reading!!!


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  1. Now, this is the reason I’m doing this. I heard how my dad uses his blog, he uses his like a diary, or a way to attract customers (his blog address is I think that is how I want to start to use my blog. like a diary that everyone can access.
    So, this is the summer, right? My sister is invited to a sleep over at a friends house, not to far, they live on my street so she isn’t that far. The problem is that I’m a real chicken, afraid of the dark, I still sleep with a bear, I got it when I was born, had (and used)it ever since. I watched all the harry potters and I have a scene in every movie that totally freaked me out.
    1. Seeing quirrel and voldemort both fall into ashes.
    2. The whole bassilisk thing.
    3. The lupin/wherewolf, and the dementors.
    4. When harry discovers what happened to the cup, when harry is in the graveyard with voldemort.
    5. Sirius Black dying and the whole thing at the ministry of magic around the Sirius part gave me nightmares for quite some time.
    6. The infurii… Uhhhgggg! 1. when naggini turns from the old lady, to well, nagini, nagini leaps out the clothes and that gave so much of a fright, I felt like being a cat. Jump up grab the roof with my claws, never come down. Where am I getting with all this? The problem. Suzie, my sister is going on the sleep over, and I am used to having someone in the room. All the scenes in the harry potters I listed, I am afraid that something like that is going to happen. The basilisk rips through the floor, and ATTACKS me, I see lupin as a wherewolf or some dementors, or the infuri leap out at me.
    I admit it, I am a coward, and I really freak about tonight. I am alone, in my room. Most age 11 kids would probably be ok on their own, in a room, I’m not. I need help. Please e-mail Ideas at or please reply to the post, Summer! HELP IS WANTED, SOON!!!

  2. Charlie!!! What a beautiful blog about summer vacation! I hope you enjoy it :). I’m in Brazil for the year, as you know, and I’m on holiday too. Going to head up to Sao Paulo next week. I miss you too <3

    Love From Rebecca!!
    Your South African family 😉

  3. Well, so much for me offering help! I am reading this weeks later! How it is going now?

    PS LOVE your blog!

    PPS My website has a breathing exercise that may help to relax.. fear is physical and mental – breathe peacefully thinking comforting thoughts, imagining good stuff – appreciation, safety, calming images, nature, colors, music…etc… To gain control of our fearful thoughts and feelings takes time and practice but so important for happiness, well worth the effort….


  4. I also have relatives who live far away – in Israel, Denver, and California, and good friends in Europe. We are lucky to have skype and computers to keep in “touch” – always great to see them in person and give them a hug, though.

    Hope you are enjoying summer thoroughly. Please keep writing about your adventures and thoughts. Are you doing any crafts or art? Riding? Swimming? My best to your family. Avery Hart

  5. Hi Charlie, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have missed seeing you this summer. I hope we have a chance to see you and Suzie in August. I must say that I was impressed with your discussion about face book. Are you sure you do not want to be a lawyer? But I, like Dad, want to keep you safe. Keep writing- you a very talented. Perhaps with your art and writing skills, we have a future author. And about those Harry Potter scenes- that stuff scares me too! And get off your butt and computer and do some more swimming! It’s summer! See you soon- Love Auntie Liz

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