How are your days in life?

Have you ever wondered what a person in your life is thinking about?

Today, I think of how lucky I am, even though I complain A LOT, and I mean A LOT.  I always ask for a:  Cell phone, facebook account,  and my own  computer ( I share with my sister for those of you who don’t know) I ask my parents for these things, because everyone around me has these things, my best friend has a computer that she shares with her brother, and mom, she has a cell phone, and a facebook account, and she is only 12 years old!

Have you ever seen my post “Childhood”?  I felt that all the time, and now, I realize how lucky I am to even have a computer, and my parents don’t  let me have a facebook because it has “bad content”  says my mom.  I agree, child predators, and not to mention fowl mouth. That I start to understand.  The cell phone I can’t get until I need one, which no offense but I am confused as to why I can’t have it until I need it.  I know that it would be a save of money and all, but I have a feeling that there is another reason that I can’t have a phone.

Back to the real topic.  How do you deal with your everyday problems in life?  how would you deal with mine?  I need help, and every idea will count to me.  Thank you for your help, I appreciate anything I can get.

8 thoughts on “How are your days in life?”

  1. My Darling,

    I’m so proud of you again, and as always :-)

    You don’t complain “a lot”. You’re becoming a young lady and are having to deal with a lot of peer pressure at school. I do get that.

    Facebook, as you know because we’ve discussed it, has their own policy of not allowing accounts until one is 13 years old. That is _their_ policy. We will respect that. Having seen some of the content on FB and some of the comments that go on, yes, I do have some concerns about your seeing or being exposed to these things on a regular basis. I’m aware that there is “this stuff” out there, and do not delude myself into thinking I can “protect” you from it all. However, I do still feel that I can try to limit your exposure, somewhat. I know that Daddy calls me ‘prudish’ but I do sincerely believe you can and will be a young lady, not just a girl. I can try to help you learn to have better morals, more respect and consideration, and just some plain, old-fashioned decency… something that seems to be getting lost these days IMHO.

    The cell phone, well, as you know, Daddy and I have discussed that ad nauseam (look that one up). Many kids these days seem to just _expect_ to have things… they don’t necessarily seem to _appreciate_ things. When you are allowed to have a cell phone, you will appreciate it. You will, hopefully, be responsible with it and take care of it. I don’t believe you will take it for granted. Yes, many of your friends have one, but as you know, there will be many things that your friends will have, over the years, and that’s not a reason to have (them/it) yourself — you simply cannot have everything, and there are many things you have that they don’t! You really don’t _need_ a phone right now, you just _want_ a phone because “everyone else has one”. I know it’s frustrating and I’m sorry, but I sincerely believe that Daddy and I are helping you to learn an important lesson by making you wait for a phone of your own.

    I love you and I’m so proud of you and the young lady you’re becoming! You are a wonderful person to be around and have as a part of our family. You are such a pleasure and such a blessing…

    Thank-you for being your amazing you :-) *mwah*

  2. Charlie, this is quite profound. I am amazed and so VERY proud. At the heart f your question is what really matters in life? These values are gathered from family, church and friends, but at the end of the day it is each of us who must decide what is important to us. Is it things? Is it people? What do you want people to remember about you after they meet you?

  3. Hey charlie. It’s Gillian. I tried finding you so I could add you to my contacts but it didn’t work. So tomorrow I will bring in the “The Night of the Living Band.” Is that o.k.? Try searching my email on yours. Email:

  4. Love this blog, and agree with comments above. As for handling the inevitable problems of life, what a giant topic that takes a lifetime to explore!

    For me, a first clue to life came from the Dalai Lama who wrote that the purpose of life is joy. So it struck me that happiness is a good yardstick to measure by, and good goal to strive for. How free it feels to let go or work through whatever doesn’t advance that goal!

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