New School

I go to a new school now, because Richard Butler really wasn’t really doing it for me.  So, I had to play New Girl.  It felt really weird.  But, you know what?  The people at Holy Spirit were so much nicer than at Richard Butler.  I made a really easy friend on the first day, I was invited into every conversation.  I rejected every offer politely, because I felt that if if I did accept the offer, I might stop usual conversations, and I felt that would be rude.  So, I had a great first day.  New school really isn’t that bad I guess.  Of course, you do have those people every once and a while who really don’t like me.  I can live around it though.


So, how many times did you have to play new girl/boy?

School’s Out!

The 6th grade school year is almost up!  I can’t wait!  Except for the fact that summer is not being treated as a vacation, but rather a time full of summer camps.  Why can’t I relax?  Here is the common definition for vacation that everyone should know:  Fun!

Sometimes, summer camps aren’t exactly ‘fun’.

My summer’s future can be foretold: vacation

Update on WordPress

At WordPress Camp now.  Learning how to make money off my blog. I might, I doubt I will. You never know?  I might just try.

WordPress Camp is just like a more comfortable school for the computer. Not everything in WordPress Camp is about blogs, don’t you know!

Lord of the Rings, A One Man Show

So we went to NJ PACK, right?  Ok, so we saw this one man lord of the rings show.  It was HILARIOUS!  For those of you who have no idea what Lord of the Rings is, or LOTR for short, it is a book by JRR Tolkien.  The book was then transformed to a movie.  In a nutshell, a little creature called a hobbit takes this wicked evil ring, and destroys it to save the world.  Along the way, he runs into friends, and enemies, and friends to enemies!  If you haven’t already, see the movie!!!

If you have seen Pirates of the Caribean, you should know William Turner.  Will is played by Orlando Bloom, and Orlando plays Legolas, an elf from LOTR.  The man from the one man show, when doing Legolas, had an obsession with his hair!  And I mean and OBSESSION!  When everyone says ” You may have my __________.”, The guy said “You may have my hair,” for Legolas!  Then, for Gimili, the dwarf,”And my facial hair.”  Legolas – when not doing anything of importance – is toying with his hair!  He must have really meant that they could have his hair.

If you like comedies, this is the guy for you.  When we went, only one person had no idea what LOTR was!  The man doing the show made the fact the person didn’t see LOTR so funny, I thought my mom and dad would never stop laughing with the crowd.


The man doing one man LOTR not only does LOTR, but he said he also did Star Wars, and Harry Potter.


For the last and final time, please go to NJ PACK and watch the One Man Show for Lord of the Rings.


Have you ever been anywhere other than the United States or anywhere in it?  I have.  South Africa, Japan, and now England!  How about you?  I offer a secret prize to the person who has visited the most!


Going to go spend my time with my adopted family,  Auntie Tina, Uncle Tim, big brother Tim, and little baby Michael.  To excited to wait!  Just another post to update you, no real meaning…

How are your days in life?

Have you ever wondered what a person in your life is thinking about?

Today, I think of how lucky I am, even though I complain A LOT, and I mean A LOT.  I always ask for a:  Cell phone, facebook account,  and my own  computer ( I share with my sister for those of you who don’t know) I ask my parents for these things, because everyone around me has these things, my best friend has a computer that she shares with her brother, and mom, she has a cell phone, and a facebook account, and she is only 12 years old!

Have you ever seen my post “Childhood”?  I felt that all the time, and now, I realize how lucky I am to even have a computer, and my parents don’t  let me have a facebook because it has “bad content”  says my mom.  I agree, child predators, and not to mention fowl mouth. That I start to understand.  The cell phone I can’t get until I need one, which no offense but I am confused as to why I can’t have it until I need it.  I know that it would be a save of money and all, but I have a feeling that there is another reason that I can’t have a phone.

Back to the real topic.  How do you deal with your everyday problems in life?  how would you deal with mine?  I need help, and every idea will count to me.  Thank you for your help, I appreciate anything I can get.